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Welcome to my blog! My name is David and I would like to tell you about how to get started in the world of retail and business. I should point out before you read anymore that I am not an expert and I do not own my own business. However, I have a couple of years of experience working for someone who owns their own business. My boss has taken me under their wing and taught me everything I need to know about how to get started in the world of business. I hope to start my own business soon. I hope you enjoy this blog.



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Why do you need a wheelchair lift on your business premises?


How accessible is your company building? If your business operates from a modern building, it may well have been built with the access requirements of wheelchair users in mind, but is there more that you can do? If your building is older, it's likely that you will have inaccessible areas where those with disabilities will have difficulty getting to. Whether you manage a retail establishment and want to cater to the largest number of customers, or you need to create an office-based environment accessible for all your employees, you must allow wheelchair users to reach different levels.

Perhaps you have a passenger lift linking each floor of the building, but does that mean that there are no steps within individual levels? Especially in older buildings, it can be common for there to be parts of a floor which are two or three steps higher than the rest of the level. Maybe your floors maintain a level surface but your building is accessed via a flight of exterior steps? Whatever the situation may be you could benefit from the installation of a wheelchair lift.

How wheelchair lifts can help

The most obvious advantage of installing wheelchair lifts is that they permit wheelchair users to move freely around your premises, but why is that important? As only a small percentage of your custom comes from wheelchair users it can sometimes feel as if installing and maintaining wheelchair lifts is an unnecessary expense. The truth is that allowing freedom of access to wheelchair users has many more benefits than ensuring the custom provided by the few wheelchair users you may see at present.

Making your premises more accessible ensures that you are legally compliant with disabilities legislation, and it also brings in more customers. As your business becomes known as being accessible, you will draw more wheelchair users along with their friends and families who may be shopping with them. You will gain increased referrals via word of mouth, and you should see a corresponding boost in your profits.

Choosing the right lift

Wheelchair lifts are available in a range of configurations to suit every type of business. Talk to your supplier today to see which lift would be most appropriate for your premises. Consider how frequently the wheelchair lifts will be used, whether they will be situated indoors or outdoors and whether you want one or two-person operation of the lifts. Once you find one, have a professional help you install it.